March 12th, 2018

Shonagh Home, the love child of Terrance McKenna and Martha Stewart, and me, your podcast host who knows just enough to be dangerous about a lot of thing, take our monthly drive to Mt. Rainier to fill up on living water, and since Shonagh was in rare form, I pressed record.  I admited to feeling a little foolish about my naivety and subsequent awakening since Ep. 2 "You Never Know Who's Listening," but still push back when Shonagh strongly requests I don't bring that "bi*ch Siri with us on our walks."  The shifts are more epic, the synchronicies more in our face. 2018 is here, and it's a terribly wonderful to trust your YES. If a door just slammed in your face, take a look around, there's a window with your name on it.  Shonagh says grow up.  Sarah says Level up. 

Find Shonagh @ www.shonaghhome.com and sarah @ heysarah@packingforcrazytown.com.





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#2_Tie Up Your Camel | 7th Chakra Goosebumps | YOU NEVER KNOW WHO’S LISTENING

January 24th, 2018


Be prepared to reconsider everything you thought you thought about the skeezy aspects of your digital addiction. 

Shonagh Home takes a blow torch of reason to my last vestige of innocent hope that my TV isn't selling me down the river (or to the highest bidder,) and that it's not such a bad thing that Zappos knows what I like. 

On the lighter side of you never know who's listening, we present Brandi Price, aka our Rock Goddess from Austin (artist, musician, meditating Mother, and AI designer) who came out of the ether to offer her mad skills and brilliant mindset to help bring the Shaman's Tech Support to life. Forget about Luck. Let's talk about the "Sacred Contracts" (Caroline Myss) we make long before we arrive that set into motion the magical moments that move us to offer encouragement, to give a nudge,  make someone dinner, or talk us off a lonely ledge and back to work...whatever is needed to help you stay on your path, and see your vision realized. 

In our case, everything Brandi has brought to the table, has made me laugh out loud, out of wonder, and really, just out of how unexpectedly awesome the universe really is. Whether it's turning my drop box folder full of shamany techno rhythm tracks into perfect little ditties that were beyond what I could have imagined, or making our logo - the first version of which gave me: 




We bring this sista's voice into the Convo to map back to that magical convergence, because - if you're moved to make something and put it out there, on a planet with 7.5 billion people and a flowering technological landscape that make it possible for anyone with nothing more than the device in your hand and a bit of the cloud to share your gifts instantly and globally...It's just a matter of time before you find your people.

The three of us dig through everything from the imposition of government spying through technology, Artificial Intelligence V. Spirit Intelligences, and how tapping into your unique artistic creativity can help you express yourself and light a fire in an increasingly connected yet divided world.  

Life’s surprises can alter your life in the most wondrous of ways. Take the leap, trust the gods, throw out your TV, and know that others of like mind are out there.  Our tribes are forming. Trust yourself, follow the path and take a chance. You just never know…who’s listening.





The Shaman's Tech Support is:  

sarah l allen  www.packingforcrazytown.com heysarah@packingforcrazytown.com 

Shonagh Home: www.shonaghhome.com shonagh@shonagh.home@comcast.net

 Brandi Price  http://cargocollective.com/brandiprice

https://www.patreon.com/brandip  http://diamondcentermusic.com


logo by Brandi Price

Music by Brandi Price and sla

Produced, Recorded, and Edited by sla


This is what Shonagh mentions in the pod that she attaches to every email. What she refers to as "covering her @ss" in a world without reason.

This private email message, including any attachment(s) is limited for the sole use of the intended recipient and may contain Privileged and/or Confidential Information. Any and All Political, Private or Public Entities, Federal, State, or Local Corporate Government(s), Municipality(ies), International Organizations, Corporation(s), agent(s), investigator(s), or informant(s), et. al., and/or Third Party(ies) working in collusion by collecting and/or monitoring My email(s),and any other means of spying and collecting these communications Without my Exclusive Permission are Barred from Any and All Unauthorized Review, Use, Disclosure or Distribution. Any use of this email precludes an immediate forfeiture of 1,000,000 US dollars species as defined by the Coin and Mintage Act of 1792. With Explicit Reservation of All My Rights, Without Prejudice and Without Recourse to Me. Any omission does not constitute a waiver of any and/or ALL Intellectual Property Rights or Reserved Rights. NOTICE TO PRINCIPAL IS NOTICE TO AGENT. NOTICE TO AGENT IS NOTICE TO PRINCIPAL.




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#1_An ELDER’S Take on SOME MEN BEHAVING BADLY: ((Redemption and the Path Forward))

January 1st, 2018

2018...Ready or not, here we come.

Sarah and Shonagh connect with John Dore - psychotherapist, linguist and wise elder for a fresh take on the #metoo zeitgeist which is thousands of years in the making.  He is a voice of reason and sound counsel for good men who are feeling barraged by the media machine that is relentlessly blaming them for every imaginable ill. Yes, there are some losers out there of male persuasion, particularly in leadership roles on a worldwide scale. The majority of men however, are decent guys and they deserve some props.

John discusses the need for masculine initiation and the importance of men’s groups to support, empower and cultivate character. We explore the socialization of men and women and John delves into the interior life of the sexes in an effort to call up compassion on both sides.

He encourages women to find their own voice and take a stand against abuse as well as to gather together and initiate themselves. With regard to our young boys, John discusses primitive rites where boys were initiated by men in their tribes to enter manhood with courage and dignity. He calls men to serve life in their own unique way using the intelligence of heart and mind in the expression of their truth



John Dore http://www.johndore.com/

Robert Bly interviewed by Bill Moyers https://youtu.be/TP3HWLIL1Aw

The Mankind Project https://mankindproject.org

Boys To Men http://boystomen.org/ 

Recommended Reading: 

Iron John by Robert Bly

Under Saturn’s Shadow by James Hillman

Absent Fathers Lost Sons by Guy Corneau

King Warrior Magician Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine by Robert Moore



The Shaman's Tech Support is:  Produced, Recorded and Edited by Sarah L.Allen

Shonagh Home: www.shonaghhome.com shonagh@shonagh.home@comcast.net

Sarah L. Allen www.packingforcrazytown.com 



Logo by Brandi Price

http://cargocollective.com/brandiprice https://www.patreon.com/brandip http://diamondcentermusic.com


Music by Brandi Price and Sarah








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UNHOOK RECLAIM LAUGH_an amuse-bouche of shamanic wisdom

December 30th, 2017

In advance of Episode 1: An Elder's Take on Some Men Behaving badly: Redemption and the Path forward, available 1/1/18, in this Amuse-bouche of audio, Shonagh shares her vision for the podcast, makes fun of PC people, and Sarah is undone by a cat. 





Produced, Recorded, and Edited by Sarah L.Allen

Logo by Brandi Price

Music by Brandi Price and Sarah L. Allen















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December 27th, 2017

Another hint of what is to come from the Shaman's Tech Support with Shonagh Home www.shonaghhome.com (and someone who can probably remotely strip that old wallpaper off your spare bedroom walls with her mind,) and Sarah L. Allen www.packingforcrazytown.com.


logo by Brandi Price

Music by Brandi Price and Sarah L. Allen

Produced, Recorded, and Edited by Sarah 


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The Shaman’s Tech Support Is…

December 27th, 2017

A podcast for those who don't have a Shaman on speeed dial, here is a glimpse into what Sarah (Packing for Crazy Town) and Shonagh (Shamanic therapist, author, and poet) who together (along with a cast of super stars passing through) are the Shaman's Tech Support, will be offering up as we shed 2017 like a Christmas sweater made of rusty chains, and set ourselves up to blow past the illusions of the current clown car pileup and into the truth, power, and beauty that these unprecedented times afford those with eyes to see and the courage to act.

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