Survival of the Wisest

December 27th, 2020

We've been silent for the first 54 weeks of this turning point phenomenon that is 2020, but it's time to have the conversation in the one and only episode of the Shaman's Tech Support of the year. Not that this applies to anyone who might organically find themselves here, but honestly, this is not a podcast for a MSM addict/muggle. It's an IV drip of truth steeped in ancient wisdom and common sense. So, if you're fine feasting on the 24/7 fear-stew-cook-off that is the mainstream media, god bless you, and, well, you should probably stay in your basement until they call your number to get the vaccine, and then get on with your life. 

As for Shonagh Home, my Shaman BFF and the love child of Martha Stewart and Terrance McKenna, she "smells a big, fat rat," and I've got to usual, her words are like smelling salts for my brain.  Since when does the government HEAL ANYTHING?!?!?

As Shonagh reminds us, you can't make the blind see, and at the same time SO MANY PEOPLE are waking up because so much of what has gone down in the last 12 months makes NO SENSE

Are we crazy, conspiracy theorists, Covid deniers? Yeah, no.  Admittedly, it's a dangerously contagious virus that is deadly to a certain segment of the population (obese, elderly, already sick - there I said - beware) However, as families are torn apart by the politics of division, as our most vulnerable die alone and confused, as our children lose vital ground day after day, month after month, as death by any other cause is swept aside, and vast swaths of small businesses close forever...maybe it's worth asking some questions.

Per usual, this is not your Unicorns and cookie dough kind of podcast...more like a public service announcement, joining the chorus of like minded PSA's radiating from around the planet. Are we in the great Great reset or the Great Awakening? 

"God will not have his work made manifest by cowards" Ralph Waldo Emerson

You can find Shonagh at and more of this at Packing for Crazy Town





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