March 12th, 2018

Shonagh Home, the love child of Terrance McKenna and Martha Stewart, and me, your podcast host who knows just enough to be dangerous about a lot of thing, take our monthly drive to Mt. Rainier to fill up on living water, and since Shonagh was in rare form, I pressed record.  I admited to feeling a little foolish about my naivety and subsequent awakening since Ep. 2 "You Never Know Who's Listening," but still push back when Shonagh strongly requests I don't bring that "bi*ch Siri with us on our walks."  The shifts are more epic, the synchronicies more in our face. 2018 is here, and it's a terribly wonderful to trust your YES. If a door just slammed in your face, take a look around, there's a window with your name on it.  Shonagh says grow up.  Sarah says Level up. 

Find Shonagh @ www.shonaghhome.com and sarah @ heysarah@packingforcrazytown.com.





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